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Prof. Zemira Mevarech
Member, consesus commitiee: Values Education

Bio sketch:

Full Professor, Bar-Ilan University; head, unit for Professional Development of Kindergarten Teachers in STEM Fields. Previously, she was the president of the David Yellin College of Education, head of the School of Education and dean of the Social Sciences Faculty and vice-rector at Bar-Ilan University, chief scientist at the Ministry of Education, head of the Integration Institute of the Center for Science Education, and head of an international research group at the European Organization for Research in Education and Learning (EARLI). She was also principal investigator for PISA research in Israel and served as head of the Professional Development Schools (PDS) for teachers at the Mofet Institute.

Her research addresses meta-cognitive methods of teaching in science fields in general, and in mathematics, in particular.

She holds a PhD degree in educational measurement and assessment from the University of Chicago and is a 2004 Landau Prize recipient for her contribution to education research.

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