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Background materials

Materials available under "Background material" were commissioned by the Initiative and its committees and served as background for their work. Additional background materials were not translated into English and can be read only in the Hebrew version of the website.

Education budgeting in Israel – Historical background

Date posted: 31/03/2016
Author: Mr. Nachum Blass

Trends of segregation or integration in the residential environment based on socio-economic status of pupils in the school

Date posted: 01/12/2015
Author: Prof. Audrey Addi-Raccah, Dr. Yael Grinshtain, Hana Bahak

Early childhood education as a means for reducing inequality - Research, policy and practice

Date posted: 01/12/2015
Author: Dr. Smadar Moshel

What solutions do education systems in selected countries offer for the challenge of diversity among pupils

Date posted: 01/10/2013
Author: Lilach Grunfeld-Yona

The interface between the educational system and families of students with behavior problems or disorders

Date posted: 10/07/2013
Author: Abigail Gewirtz

On The Use of Educational Indicators in Policy - and Decision-Making: The GEMS Tests. Full report

Date posted: 01/10/2008
Author: Henry Braun
Consensus Committee: Education System Indicators
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