Ms. Ruth Ottolenghi

Bio Sketch

Former head of the Secondary Education Division at the Ministry of Education. Ms. Ottolenghi taught mathematics and physics at secondary schools in Jerusalem; served as vice principal of the Hebrew University High School; established and directed the Sieff and Marks (Six-Year) High School in Jerusalem; under the auspices of the Van Leer Institute, directed a project for Jewish and Arab teachers; worked at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership; and later directed the school. She was the coordinator of the National Taskforce for the Improvement of Education (the Dovrat Commission). She is a member of the Initiative for Applied Education Research's steering committee.
Ms. Ottolenghi holds an M.A. degree in educational administration from Boston University (U.S.), received in 1966.
From 2009 to 2014, she was a member of the Initiative for Applied Education Research steering committee.
(Updated until 2014)