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Background materials

Materials available under "Background material" were commissioned by the Initiative and its committees and served as background for their work. Additional background materials were not translated into English and can be read only in the Hebrew version of the website.

Education budgeting in Israel – Historical background

Date posted: 31/03/2016
Author: Mr. Nachum Blass

Trends of segregation or integration in the residential environment based on socio-economic status of pupils in the school

Date posted: 01/12/2015
Author: Prof. Audrey Addi-Raccah, Dr. Yael Grinshtain, Hana Bahak

Early childhood education as a means for reducing inequality - Research, policy and practice

Date posted: 01/12/2015
Author: Dr. Smadar Moshel

Trends in investing resources in education by socio-economic standing: Public investment (local and national government), third-sector investment and household investment

Author: Nachum Blass

The Links between Socioeconomic Background, Inequality, School Climate, and Academic Achievement

Author: Dr. Ruth Berkowitz ,Ms. Hadass Moore & Prof. Ron A. Astor